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Separated and Divorced Catholics

It's Good for You and Good for the Separated and Divorced Community!

Internally NACSDC offers its members the opportunity for healing, reconciliation, and new life. Externally we speak with the effective combined voice of the Catholic Separated and Divorced Community. Your tax deductible1 donation to NACSDC is a vote to help maintain a vibrant, compassionate, and effectual community resource.

NACSDC is an IRS-designated 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. The majority of our income comes from membership dues, the sale of resources, and conferences and seminars. But to continue our ministry mission we must increasingly depend upon individual donors like you—donors who value our work and understand that the quality of our endeavors results not only from the tireless dedication of NACSDC members, but also from the quality of all of our resources.

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At this time we are only accepting checks, money orders, and—if you prefer—monthly pledges, which you may mail to our Central Office address using this form.

1 Please verify all deductions with a tax professional.