FAQ #4:
May Catholics who have been divorced and remarried outside the Church be buried with a Catholic ceremony?

Several diocesan sources give no more than a simple answer of the sort: "Yes.  For more information contact your parish priest or diocese." (See, for example, Catholic Cemeteries of the Diocese of San Jose - Frequently Asked QuestionsDiocese of Monterey Catholic Cemeteries — FAQ's, and Archdiocese of Milwaukee - Ask Us.)

Only slightly more information is provided on the website of St. Matthew Catholic Church, Flint, Michigan, in the article FAQ Questions on Marriage and Annulments by Fr. Charles Irvin of St. Mary's Catholic Church, Manchester, Michigan:

Yes, divorced Catholics, including those who have been remarried can be buried in a Catholic cemetery, after a Mass.  It is presumed that a person continues to practice his/her faith after a divorce.