CDM encourages your parish to embrace a Family Perspective through the presence of Divorce Ministry.

Divorce Ministry INFORMS

  • parishioners of Catholic teaching on marriage and divorce.
  • separating couples on programs available that can help their failing relationship.
  • the divorced on what the Catholic annulment process is and is not.
  • the divorced where to find Christian Counseling for self and family.

Divorce Ministry INVITES

  • the divorced family into full participation of parish life.

Divorce Ministry ENCOURAGES

  • healing through Christ’s love and understanding by providing healing services, special masses, workshops, programming, and publications for the divorced.
  • the divorced to remain connected to their faith community.

Divorce Ministry AFFIRMS

  • that the divorced family is still family and is holy.
  • and recognizes the unique needs of single parents and their children.


  • families who have experienced divorce or who are in irregular marriages following a divorce and who feel excommunicated and alienated because of their circumstances.

Divorce Ministry PRAYS

  • with and for the divorced and their families, specifically including them in the mass petitions.
  • with the divorced before and during their annulment process, asking Christ’s healing through it.
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