Woman at the Well                             Web Posting Policy and Procedure


Our Policy

To see your event or program posted on our website please note the following policy:

  • The event should foster the healing and well-being of separated, divorced, or anyone who has lost a significant relationship.
  • The event should offer some opportunity for educational, emotional or spiritual healing and growth.
  • We reserve the right to determine which events meet these criteria.



Your submission of information constitutes your assignment of rights to NACSDC to publish that information

in any manner determined by NACSDC,  and serves as your warranty to NACSDC

that you have the appropriate authority to assign those rights.


What to Submit

  As a minimum, we require the following information:

  • Sponsoring organization's name, address, and contact information, including website and e-mail address, if applicable. Include similar information for co-sponsors, endorsements, etc.
  • For multiple-day events, conferences, retreats, etc.: starting day and date; ending day and date.
  • For single-day events, conferences, retreats, etc.: day and date of event; starting time; ending time.
  • For ongoing or long-term events, support groups, etc.: days of the week or month that meetings take place; starting time and ending time of each meeting; date of first meeting and date of last meeting, if applicable.
  • For support groups: if there is a web site that has group information posted, and the information is regularly kept current, we would prefer to post a link to that site rather than the information itself.
  • Complete building or location name, street address, city, state/province and zip/postal code.
  • A description of the event including featured speakers or workshops, registration fees, meals, purpose of group, etc.
  • Names and email addreses or telephone numbers of people or offices to be contacted for further information.


If possible, please also submit the following:

  • Any web links that might be appropriate, such as the retreat center web site, a map to the event location, etc.
  • The event flyer document file, sent as an e-mail attachment. Acceptable formats include WordPerfect, Word, PageMaker, Publisher, and any formats that these programs can translate from. We also will accept Adobe Acrobat files, but we prefer to generate these ourselves.
  • The conference logo, sponsoring group logo, or other image file, also sent as an e-mail attachment. We can open almost any image file format. We can usually extract images that are included in the flyer document file, but they are easier to work with if attached separately. Please send full-size high-resolution images and let us perform any necessary reductions.


Where to Submit

Submit all information via e-mail to the CDM/NACSDC Central Office. If you wish to submit items by USPS mail, please begin with an e-mail inquiry.